Amazing Products

Quality honed in the Japanese market,
products that meet
diversecustomer needs. 

Daiso products boast an excellent reputation
amongdiscerning Japanese customers.

Shoppers in Japan are surrounded by a barrage of products from all over the world, giving them a trained eye when it comes to value and quality. Daiso products have an excellent reputation among these customers. With about 70,000 products to choose from today, 99% of them were developed in-house with a serious focus on quality, functionality, and design. Daiso maintains a close relationship with its buyers, made up of partners from 45 different countries, who carefully select product ideas for development. This amazing power of development results in the creation of more than 500 new products every month.

  • Banana Keeper / Banana Stand
  • Scissors
  • Stainless Soap
  • Bag Hanger / Hook
  • Mino Ware,Arita Ware
  • Glowing Ear Pick

Two products designed exclusively for bananas. Daiso developed these unique products to add a little spice and convenience to the daily life of customers.