Introduced on Nippon Television "Zoom in !! Saturday"

It was introduced in the "Zumsata Waku Waku" section of the broadcast on May 28th.

Raincoat (for adults, with back mesh)
Rain pants (for adults, with elastic hem)
Rain poncho (for adults)
Rain jacket (for adults, with back mesh)
Silicon umbrella cap 2P
Diatomaceous earth umbrella stand
Deodorizing & dehumidifying agent (for shoes, 35g x 2)
Kamoi hook
Dehumidifying sheet that can be used repeatedly (for chests of drawers and drawers, 1 sheet)
Dehumidifying sheet that can be used repeatedly (for closet, 1 sheet)
Moisture removal for closet Moisture absorption amount about 150 ml
For refilling charcoal moisture (moisture absorption 350 ml x 2 bags)
Moisture absorption 1000mL
Dehumidifying agent (500mL, 2 pieces)
Mizutorizo-san, 2 Tetras everywhere
White telescopic tension rod about 38-60 cm
Clear multi-hook (double-sided tape type) 2 pieces
Mold stain prevention masking tape (white, 30 mm x 6 m)

* Various 100 yen (110 yen including tax)

Hot curler USB heating type
* Various 500 yen (550 yen including tax)

*The product lineup may differ depending on the store, and may not be in stock.