"Daiso" x "DAISO"

Introducing DAISO goods that received "Osumitsuki" from the nationwide chain of house cleaning, Daiso Honpo!

Mr. Ozaki, a professional cleaning staff, will teach you the points.


<What is Osouji Honpo>

It has 1701 stores (as of September 2021) in 47 prefectures nationwide.

A professional group of house cleaning services.

It is a house cleaning chain that performs daily cleaning to specialized cleaning such as disassembly cleaning.

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<About Mr. Ozaki, a professional cleaning staff>

Osouji Honpo Product Development Manager House Cleaning Technician

We have connections with many detergent and equipment manufacturers and researchers, and have the best knowledge of cutting-edge cleaning technology in the industry.

He is active in many media such as television, magazines, and newspapers, making use of his knowledge of cleaning techniques that can be easily done at home as well as professional skills.



<Product list>

Toilet cleaner that can be sterilized and flushed 46 pieces (160x250 mm)

Citric acid (falling off V, 210g)

Masking tape (mold prevention, 30 mm x 6 m)

Insect repellent cap (for outdoor unit hose, 2 pieces)

Oil stain cleaner (25 sheets)

Washable kitchen towel Washable kitchen towel (pop-up type)

Falling V pipe cleaning agent, small grain type

Clear wiper

Screen wiper

Clearance master scraper for glass top

Long body towel (super hard, 28 cm x 130 cm)

Long body towel (foam rice, hard, 28 cm x 130 cm)

Soft cleaning brush

Various 100 yen (110 yen including tax)

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*The product lineup may differ depending on the store, and may not be in stock

*Please read the description of the product package and use it correctly.

*The image is for illustration purposes and may differ from the actual product.