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The Women's Ekiden Club was established in April 2019
out of founder Hirotake Yano's passionate desire to give back to the local community and contribute to society.

The team is coached by Shinya Iwamoto, who led Sera High School
to a total of six championships for both the boys and girls teams.

We will continue to train middle/long-distance athletes based in Higashihiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, to expand the population of track and field athletes, and will also
engage in social contribution activities through sports.

Our future goals include winning the All-Japan Women's Corporate Ekiden Championships and to compete in international tournaments.

Message from the coach

I am pleased to take over as the first coach of the Daiso Women's Ekiden Team.My name is Shinya Iwamoto.

I decided to join as a coach thanks to the founder Hirotake Yano's passionate desire
to contribute to society through sports.

Higashihiroshima, where Daiso was founded, is a place where track and field is thriving.
We are grateful to be able to engage in Ekiden in such a wonderful region.
In the future, our goal is to win the Queen's Ekiden and compete in international tournaments.

We look forward to working with the Daiso Women's Ekiden Club.

Daiso Women's Ekiden Team uniform

Based on the corporate color pink, the design is inspired by the corporate logo, the Three Arrows.

The large printed logo expresses a sense of dynamism and the concept of breaking through stereotypes.

To create a three-dimensional look, the scale motif—a modernized version of an auspicious pattern—is also used to decorate the logo and back.