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The event

16th Daiso Challenge

Hello! I'm Mizuki Kakiuchi, a new employee in charge of the blog! I look forward to working with you!
We participated in the 1500m at the 16th Daiso Challenge held on April 6th.



It was my first race wearing the Daiso uniform, so I was excited, but at the same time, I was also quite nervous as it had been a while since I last ran the 1500m in spikes.
As for my personal results, I'm disappointed because I wasn't satisfied with my time or the way I conducted the race.
However, this race was a valuable experience for me as I was able to feel my own weaknesses. From now on, I will think about how to improve my daily practice so that I can overcome the weaknesses I found this time.
After the race, we cheered on the runners and helped with the running of the event.





I was particularly inspired by the powerful and aggressive running of the elementary and junior high school students, which reminded me of my roots as a beginner.
It was my first time as a starter and I was nervous, but it was a good experience.



It's been about a month since I moved into the dormitory, and I'm gradually getting used to the environment and practice. It's easy to get injured when you're getting used to it, so I want to pay particular attention to my diet and recovery from fatigue during this year.
I want to continue practicing and take part in many competitions!
I will not take for granted that I am now able to compete in an environment that is easier to run in than when I was a university student, and I will never forget to be grateful.I will continue to work hard so that I can give back to those who support me with results!
Thank you for your continued support of the Daiso Women's Ekiden Team!