Retail Properties

Information about Daiso industries Co., Ltd.

Top company in the industry

Leading company in the industry
Opened 5,741 stores in 26 countries and regions around the world.
3,493 stores in Japan and 2,248 stores overseas (as of the end of February 2020)

Stores can be opened in various locations and sizes

In shopping centers, roadsides, outlets such as shopping streets,
In addition a maximum of 1,663 square meters Large stores as there is also a shop, you can meet a variety of needs.

Overwhelming product power

About 70,000 kinds of products are handled by Daiso.
Every month about 800 new products are developed and lined up in stores.

-Provide property information

Daiso is looking for properties nationwide. At first please feel free to send property information.

Opening area 全国
Location conditions
  • Roadside store
  • Suburban shopping center (RSS, CSC, NSC, power center, etc.)
  • Building-in store (SC, specialty store building, station building, department store, etc.)
  • Shopping street
Breadth Expanding to a maximum of 1,663 tsubo (store area). Consultation is available depending on the location.
条件 We will respond to each property.