Message from the President and Representative Director

Message from Daiso Sangyo's President and Representative Director

Seiji Yano
 President and Representative Director, Daiso Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Building foundations for life in the world

We created the concept of stores based not on product categories, but on uniform prices, and established it as the world's first business model to develop a global chain of stores. Today, DAISO is a huge chain with more than 5,200 stores in Japan and overseas.
From daily necessities to products for hobbies and interests, we handle a diverse range of items that enrich people's lives, with a current product lineup of approximately 76,000 items, 90% of which are self-developed.
Furthermore, we develop more than 1,000 new items every month, delighting and surprising our customers each and every day.
More and more stores are opening every year, and we have earned a high reputation as a company that serves as infrastructure for people's daily lives around the world.

Aspiring to be a global retailer originating in Japan

We aim to become a global retailer originating from Japan, based on our company motto of enriching the lives of people all over the world with single-priced items.
We renewed our global corporate identity and brand message in March 2019 in order to further strengthen our brand value world-wide as DAISO.
We are committed to providing ~sensational prices & quality~ that surpass your wildest expectations with our slogan, "Daiso For The Win" and ~the three arrows~ of our ongoing dedication towards excellence in all aspects of our business.
Thus, in our domestic and overseas business strategies, we seek to establish a global brand by providing products with unparalleled value and by renewing and further refining our business model from our consumers' perspective to enable optimal product procurement, logistics network, and store sales.

Seiji Yano
President and Representative Director, Daiso Sangyo Co., Ltd.