Notice Regarding Donations to "Save the Children" and "UN WFP"

Daiso industries Co., Ltd. (Higashi-Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, President: Seiji Yano, hereinafter referred to as "DAISO") adds to the donations collected in the donation boxes of approximately 2,620 directly managed DAISO stores nationwide and saves them.・ In June 2021, we donated to The Children and the United Nations World Food Program WFP Association. The donation organization was selected as an organization to support children who will lead the society in the future, and this is the third donation since 2019.

Implemented stores: DAISO directly managed stores nationwide (approximately 2,620 stores)
Donation destination: (1) Save the Children Japan (2) Specified non-profit organization United Nations World Food Program WFP Association
Donation: Total 60,000,000 yen

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■ Save the Children Japan
A private international aid organization (NGO) for children, officially recognized by the United Nations. For all children, we aim to be a "world where the right is realized" to live, grow, be protected, and participate.
■ United Nations World Food Program WFP Association
A certified NPO that supports the WFP World Food Program with the mission of eradicating hunger and poverty, working to improve the nutritional status of children, aiming for a world free of hunger, and the official support window for the WFP World Food Program in Japan.