Report on the 2nd Daiso Challenge

The "2nd Daiso Challenge", an athletics record meeting, was held at the Kure City Sports Center Athletics Stadiumon Saturday, June 11th.

The "Daiso Challenge" has been held by Daiso industries Co., Ltd. since last year with the aim of making children aware of the fun of athletics and aiming to improve their competitiveness.

On the day of the event, 378 elementary and junior high school students from all over the prefecture participated, and members of the Daiso Women's Ekiden Club also participated in the competition as pacemakers.

In addition, with the feeling of "gratitude and return" forDaiso's 50th anniversary, we distributed DAISO's product "Cool Towel" to those who participated.


The Daiso Women's Ekiden Club is part of an activity to convey the appeal of Ekiden to children who will lead the next generation.

We will actively participate in events in various regions and engage in social contribution activities through sports activities.


Date and time: Saturday, June 11

Location: Mitsutoyo Sports Park Gohara (Kure City Sports Center)

Participants: 379 elementary and junior high school students

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