Important Notices

Information (Mandai Takatsuki Midoricho Store)

We apologize for the inconvenience and concern that one employee of our company "Mandai Takatsuki Midoricho Store" is infected with the new coronavirus infection.

Under the supervision of the local public health center, we have taken the following measures and are ready to provide a safe environment as we reopen for regular business.

1. Implementation of disinfection and cleaning work Wednesday, February 9
2. Survey of the employee's behavior history and close contact with infected persons
As a result of a survey conducted by the health center in charge, we have confirmed that there are no close contacts between customers and employees.

The last work day for infected people is February 7th (Monday).

We place the safety of customers and employees as our highest priority and will continue to make every effort to prevent the spread of infection while cooperating with all related parties.

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