Introduced on Fuji TV "Live News It!"

It was introduced in the "Searching" section of the broadcast on June 1st.


Silicon umbrella cap 2P
Pipe cleaner 65CM
Silicone stretch wrap (16 cm x 16 cm)
With 10 pinch hangers that can remove laundry at once
Paper towels born from plants (150 sheets)
Pretend shower Free-standing drainer garbage bag 15 sheets (bottom mesh type)
Garbage bag (with string, 25L)
Bin opener white
Kitchen Towel & Kitchen Paper Holder (R, for hanging doors)
Tsukune tongs
Easy in the microwave! Tea steamer
Ice pop maker
Easy pasta in the microwave
Sponge rack (R, deep type)
Stackable storage box (deep type, 15.2 cm x 21.5 cm x 16)
Kurutto Multi Hanger
Space-saving hanger
A hanger that makes it easy for the parker to dry
Bath towel hanger (with stopper)
Hanger (bath towel, slide type)
Artificial turf (30 cm x 30 cm, turf height 25 mm)
Horticultural support (with spiral warts, approx. Length 210 cm, diameter 16 mm)
Wall sticker (window, background, sea of clouds)
White telescopic tension rod about 30-about 45 cm
Bridge Box 250 Slim White
Bridge Box 250 Wide White
Carbonated cap ball
Film hook (ring type, approx. Width 70 mm x height 70 mm)
Clear multi-hook (double-sided tape type) 2 pieces
Film hook (approx. Width 40 mm x height 40 mm, 2 pieces)
3WAY tile brush
Mop catch
Round and round drain catch
I can't see the garbage bag Dust box
Gachapin Mook Bus Ball
Non-woven mask (normal size, 30 sheets)
50 sterilization wet sheets Extra-thick type
Red and white hat (unisex)
All 50 colors are different Origami 15 cm 50 sheets
* Various 100 yen (110 yen including tax)

Microwave oven (for pasta, large capacity)
Whisk (with scraper)
* Various 200 yen (220 yen including tax)

Solar light (embedded type)
* Various 300 yen (330 yen including tax)

Spin Wheel Colander Large (Green)
Foldable drainer basket (36 cm x 30.7 cm)
* Various 400 yen (440 yen including tax)

Mini fan (USB type, with ice pack pocket)
Universal hand (82 cm)
Compact table (khaki)
Folding rack (3 steps)
Adhesive tape cleaner (wide type, telescopic 3-stage type, tape 30 laps
Folding angle bucket 7.5L
* Various 500 yen (550 yen including tax)

Reel (3000)
* Various 700 yen (770 yen including tax)

Lure rod (210 cm)
Quick Expand Sunshade Dark Green
* Various 1000 yen (1100 yen including tax)



Solar garden light (hanging type, stained glass style)
Solar garden light (stained glass style)
* Various 300 yen (330 yen including tax)

*The product lineup may differ depending on the store, and may not be in stock.