• [Daiso x LIMIA] You can make two cups of coffee at the same time with the double coffee dripper!?
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] I tried using the latest USB humidifier in 2024!
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] Silicone shoelaces allow you to slip on your shoes easily and comfortably!
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] I enjoyed the 110 yen smartphone lens set more than I expected!
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] Hair brush cleaner removed a lot of hair!
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] Easy-to-hold rice storage container is conveniently sized for the refrigerator!
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] Free storage with honeycomb-shaped partitions!
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] The tissue box stand can be placed vertically for a neat look!
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] Foods last longer with vegetable and fruit storage containers!
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] Chopping was easy with a push vegetable cutter!
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] Folding notebook PC stand is convenient because the angle can be adjusted!
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] Introducing a wood grain storage box! Firmly assembled with MDF material!
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] Five hooks under the kitchen shelf are perfect for hanging storage!
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] Magnetic mask case is now available! Let's float it in the entrance and store it
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] Utilize dead space with a pull-out refrigerator storage case!
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] You can use a multi-storage box made of mesh fabric!


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