• [Daiso x LIMIA] Folding notebook PC stand is convenient because the angle can be adjusted!
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] Introducing a wood grain storage box! Firmly assembled with MDF material!
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] Five hooks under the kitchen shelf are perfect for hanging storage!
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] Magnetic mask case is now available! Let's float it in the entrance and store it
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] Utilize dead space with a pull-out refrigerator storage case!
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] You can use a multi-storage box made of mesh fabric!
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] There are many types of eco-friendly straws such as stainless steel and thick ones!
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] The new LED mirror comes with a stand and can be turned sideways for even more convenience!
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] Freeze ingredients with a food vacuum pump! I tried compressing pork with a special bag
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] Book storage with a triangular wire book stand! Can also be used for CDs and plates
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] Black chopsticks with floating tips are recommended! It does not roll easily and can be used in the dishwasher
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] Daiso's new Bluetooth drip-proof speaker! Explanation of how to connect pairing
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] 5WAY slicer is 440 yen! I made shredded cabbage and grated radish
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] Store masking tape and sellotape with a tape cutter with a magnet!
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] Preserve food with gazette bags! A paper bag that can be stored in the refrigerator
  • [Daiso x LIMIA] Cord storage with cable organizer! Convenient for computer desks and devices


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