• A stylish accessory stand for storing necklaces in the interior!
  • The paper towel is hung and refreshing! Storing wraps and foils together
  • The suction cup sponge holder can be attached anywhere and the sink can be used widely!
  • The storage case for the refrigerator keeps things neat and tidy! It is transparent and you can see the contents immediately ♪
  • A self-supporting bottle-washing sponge brush is convenient! Monotone color for a neat and fashionable look
  • You can put them in the microwave!? The plastic knitting basket is fashionable and easy to use ◎
  • The leather-like mini trash box is fashionable! Easy to use and fits well in the interior
  • Recommended for living alone or for a little pot! 19cm clay pot with open flame is too convenient
  • A lot of A4 magazines can be stored ♪ Large size storage basket
  • The color changes depending on the amount of light ♪ Get the popular aurora glass with Daiso!
  • It's compact and not bulky! Silicone folding cup
  • A convenient item to solve your laundry problems!
  • Simple but shines! Modern tableware that you want to have
  • Electric nail care is 330 yen (tax included) !? Investigating the usability of beauty items that are too cheap
  • The cotton-blend material feels great. Natural cute monotone rope pot
  • Handkerchiefs are disposable but hygienic! Pocket-sized paper handkerchief


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