• [just doing this is completely different! ] Everyday petit stress relief goods!
  • Gel nail stickers that parents and children can enjoy
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  • Easy sheet
  • You can do it without sewing! Replacing the elastic cord of the hat
  • Easy but full-scale! A cash register that can be made with only Daiso materials in 5 minutes
  • It's true that both children and moms can use it! ?? It's new! Daiso's mini washing machine
  • You can do it in an hour! Super convenient taste ball maker & too cute arrangement
  • Realized by Daiso collaboration! Popular picture books are now available as goods "Shimashima Guru Guru"
  • Simple but super excellent Daiso's detergent pump that you definitely want to buy
  • Even though it looks like sweets, if you have trouble processing superb oil, Daiso's Watagumo
  • Listen to mom! Good news from Daiso! From baby food to adults! Vegetable flakes that are too convenient
  • Bag-in-bag
  • Paper soap
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  • I don't use a whisk! How to compare various whipped creams


Ranked #1 in number of followers* among accounts for moms in Japan on Instagram!
”mamatas," a one-minute video series for moms who enjoy parenting without trying too hard, introduces useful goods for housework and parenting.

*Based on the number of followers for Japanese corporate accounts that include "Mama/Mom" and "Child care" in their Instagram profile (As of December 1, 2019, based on user local research)