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2024.02.14 updated

Product name: Mop catch that can be quickly applied (adhesive)

JANコード 4550480177922
“Magnet” and “Sucker” have been added to the popular mop catch!

customer's voice

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  • It's a very convenient product and I love it, but the adhesive tends to come off when I use it in the bathroom. I would be happy if you could add more variations.

It has improved!

Introducing new "magnetic" and "suction cup" types from mop catches for storing cleaning tools!

The mop catch can be easily stored floating by hooking the handle of a floor wiper, broom, etc. to the hook part.
◆Suction cups and magnets have different load capacities. The load capacity of each type is as follows.

[Load capacity]
・Adhesive: Approx. 1kg
・Sucker: Approximately 1kg
・Magnet: Approx. 500g
  • Before

    Before improvement

  • After

    After improvement

Customer comments

  • Convenient and can be used for many things other than cleaning tools! I use it as an umbrella stand by installing it in my entryway and in my car.

  • Up until now, I had been using a mop upright, but after using this, I was impressed with how clean it was! I think it's easy for children to store as it can be stored without much effort.