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Updated on 2024.02.21

Product name: Aroma diffuser (cylindrical, white, 3)

JANコード 4550480409184
The package has been changed to make it easier to imagine.

customer's voice

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  • It's hard to see how it lights up! Both the product and the packaging were white, so it was hard to stand out and I had a hard time finding it.

It has improved!

A popular aroma-compatible ultrasonic humidifier. We have changed the packaging in response to feedback from customers that it is difficult to understand how to use it.
We have incorporated the scenes in use into the design and improved it to make it easier to imagine.
  • Before

    Before improvement

  • After

    After improvement

Customer comments

  • It's fun to watch it change to various colors such as pink, red, and blue. I use it to soothe myself while working from home because I'm surrounded by a nice scent.

  • I really like it! Even though it's only 700 yen, the color changes clearly and it's beautiful! When I use it before bed, I feel like my sleep quality has improved somehow. I'm glad I bought it♪