App features
Stock search
Stock search
Does the store have the product you are looking for in stock?
Quickly using the app
You can check it out.
DAISO, Standard Products, THREEPPY
This feature allows you to easily view the latest information.
Check the information in the app,
Enjoy shopping!
Customers can interact with each other through the app
Go to a community site where you can share information
You can move.
Everyone's fun, desired, new! is overflowing
This is a community site.

*Membership registration is required to participate in the community.

Store Finder
Store Finder
Easy to use with the app
You can find a store near you.
Detailed information such as business hours and routes for each store is also available.
You can take a look.
online store
online store
When you find your favorite product within the app,
Convenient features that allow you to purchase online
We offer.

*Membership registration is required to purchase online.

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Is it possible to reserve the product?
We do not reserve items.
Please visit our store directly and make your purchase.
I have the item you want. Which store is it in?
You can check it on the DAISO app.
*Some stores are not eligible for inventory searches on the DAISO app. Thank you for your understanding.
I have the item you want. How should I order?
Available at the store. Please inquire at your local store.
We may not be able to order products that are not currently available.